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It's Sytel's turn again.

The move towards dialing codes of practice in all major outbound territories now looks unstoppable and should be factored into planning for outbound campaigns.

Tip 06
Realistic Overdialing

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We get some feedback from the market, especially in competitive bids, saying that the key criterion in going for a dialer, (our dialer, any dialer) is whether it can achieve a certain level of wait times between calls.

Often this feedback is accompanied by comment that such a wait time has been achieved by the XYZ dialer with which the prospect has had experience in the past.

OK as far as it goes, but often unreal in that the prospect's experience relates to conditions which simply don't compare. Nowhere is this truer than in the extent of overdialing made in a predictive environment.

Direct Marketing Associations all over the world are now facing up to the need for codes of good dialing practice to control how this is done.

As an end-user, expect past excesses to be banned, and be realistic about what predictive dialing can do. If you are not sure how to make such assessments, then send us an email.


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