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Short and sweet this month from Sytel.

Tip 14
Business to Business Calling
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So you are dialing Business to Consumer and you are asked to take on a Business to Business campaign. Conventional wisdom will tell you that you should not use predictive dialing for this, since the percentage of live calls will be so high that there will be no advantage.

But conventional wisdom has been passed by in this area. In many businesses, especially small ones, calls will be answered by an answering machine or auto attendant. These calls will either be terminated by the dialer, or quickly by the agent, whether or not he decides to leave a message.

A well-designed predictive dialer will respond to these conditions by sensing what is happening and raising its dialing rate and keeping the agent wait time down between calls.

If this matters to you, but you are not quite believing, then let us know and we will show you in Oceanic®.


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