Champagne Challenge

  • The Challenge – to write the best article for Outbound Focus
  • The Prize – a case of Champagne!
  • Bonus – a bottle of Champagne for every published entry!

What Should I Do?

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Send us a contribution of 300-500 words which improves the understanding of some aspect of the outbound industry and contributes to its responsible development, on either a national or a global basis.

Outbound Focus has attracted some excellent articles from external contributors, helping it to become a respected and valued publication.

Our goal is to become essential reading for the global outbound marketplace.

As in the past, we will be focusing in particular on business to consumer (B2C) calling. We will be looking especially for contributions that highlight outbound as a legitimate and successful way of developing business, whilst at the same time respecting the rights and interests of consumers.

The writer of each published entry will win 1 bottle of Champagne.The writer of the best contribution, published between now and September 30th 2006, will win a case of 12 bottles of Champagne! The judges will be three leading figures from the world of outbound. They will act independently. We will tell you about them shortly.

When Should I Do It?

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The competition will be judged following the closing date of September 30th 2006 . The winner will be announced in the issue following the closing date.

Click here to find the number of the current issue. Click here to contact us.

To Qualify

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In order to qualify for the Champagne Challenge, an article must be published by us by September 30th 2006. As in the past, the Editor reserves the right not to publish submitted material, but anything that makes a really positive contribution to outbound matters, is likely to get published.

There are no restrictions whatsoever on sources. So they can come from:

  • call center staff
  • consultants
  • CRM vendors
  • national marketing or trade associations
  • government agencies
  • consumer advocates

Outbound Focus aims to stimulate and educate, so please get writing!

The Champagne Challenge is run in compliance with the competition conditions of the UK Direct Marketing Association.

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