Tip 4 – Sytel – Chasing Debt Arrears

Sytel logoThis month it’s Sytel’s turn again. This time our tip is about chasing debt arrears.

Predictive dialing began its life in credit collections in the US, with banks and other financial institutions ringing up customers who were late with payments on loans and credit cards.

Some of the worse excesses of predictive dialing have occurred in this market; for example ringing someone and then keeping him waiting for many seconds until an agent becomes free (unless of course he hangs up first). This is done presumably on the grounds that the person being called has defaulted and is no position to complain at this kind of treatment.

But consider this:

  1. The person being called may well have defaulted through genuine oversight.
  2. Or, if he is a persistent defaulter, you may be competing for his limited funds, since he probably owes money to other financial institutions as well.

By all means dial predictively, but if you are seeking a positive response, consider carefully how you you tune your dialer.

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