Champagne Terms and Conditions

1      The Contest
The Champagne Challenge is run wholly by Sytel Limited (Sytel), in compliance with UK Direct Marketing Association contest regulations.

2      How to Enter
We invite entries of 300-500 words in length, in the English language only (if necessary, translated at the writer’s expense). Entrants should provide their

  • name
  • contact address
  • telephone number
  • email address (if applicable)

Entrants should also provide a short biography and optional email/ web contact details for publication.

Entries should be sent in electronic form to:
        Jamie Stewart

Entries will only be accepted by fax or post with prior agreement.

Entries must be original and state that the person submitting the article owns the copyright.

3      Closing Date for Entries
Entries must be received by Sytel on or before 1st Sep 2006.

4      Criteria for Judging Entries
Entries will be judged on the basis of their contribution not only to the understanding and furthering of outbound calling as a responsible, legitimate and successful way of developing business, but also to the promotion of respect for the rights and interests of consumers.

Quality of grammar, style and use of the English language will not be considered.

5      Publication
In order to qualify, entries must be published in Outbound Focus. Sytel can give no warranty that this will happen in respect of any contribution.

6      The Judges
Entries will be judged by three leading figures from the world of outbound. Details of these are posted here.

7      The Prize
The prize for winning the Champagne Challenge is a case of 12 (75cl) bottles of Champagne, delivered to the winner, paid for by Sytel Ltd.

8      Restrictions on Eligibility to Enter
All contributions will be considered for publication. However, contributions from employees of Sytel or any judges involved will not be entered in the contest.

The Champagne Challenge is open to entrants residing in any country, with no geographical restrictions. Entrants must be over 18 years of age at the time of submission.

9      Notification of Winners
Sytel will notify the winner on or before 21st Dec 2006, either by email, phone, fax or post.

10     Publication of Results
The name, country of residence and, if applicable and agreed by both Sytel and the winner, company of the winner will be posted in the Champagne Challenge section during Jan 2007, and also in the issue of the Outbound Focus newsletter immediately following notification of the winner. The winner may be invited, but is not required, to participate in post-contest publicity.

11     If the Prize is Not Claimed
If the winner is unwilling or unable to accept the prize, or has not nominated an alternative recipient before Jan 31st 2007, the winning entry will be disqualified and the entry previously judged to be in second place will become the winner. The same notification and publication procedures will then apply.

12      Limitations on Responsibility
Sytel takes no responsibility for lost, damaged or incomplete entries. Sytel will make every attempt to contact the writer and acquire replacement entries in such cases.

13      Conditions for Disqualification
Entrants found to be in breach of any of the terms contained herein will be disqualified from entry into the Champagne Challenge.

14      Requirement to Purchase
There is no requirement for entrants to purchase any goods or services.

15      Restriction on the Number of Entries
There is no restriction on the number of entries allowed from one person or company.

16      Alternative Prizes
Sytel offers no alternative prize of any description, cash or otherwise.

17      Copyright
Copyright is retained by the author, but any persons seeking to reproduce entries in the form in which they appeared in Outbound Focus must first gain permission from the editor. On reproduction, before the body of the article, there must appear acknowledgment in the form “Reproduced with permission from Outbound Focus (” or similar.

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