Newsletter Thirteen

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue 13 of Outbound Focus, a free email publication of Sytel Limited.

Especially in the wake of the events of Sep 11, we have been taking a break recently. For those readers who have been enquiring, yes we are still publishing, but only when we have something new that we think you would like to hear.

The Champagne Challenge continues and we hope that some of the keen scribblers amongst you will be taking up your pens (or keyboards). Share your outbound thoughts with us and you could win a bottle of champagne. Since we haven’t published anything for some months, and Christmas is now starting to compete with us, we have decided to give the next contributor we publish two bottles.

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Jamie Stewart

Special Update – Bill AB870

Since our comments in Issue 12Bill AB870, restricting the use of predictive dialers in California, has been signed into law by the Governor. This happened on October 10th, and seems to have been met with a deafening silence in the marketplace.

To refresh your memory, this bill will limit the level of abandoned calls generated by predictive dialers in California. The level will be set by the California Public Utilities Commission sometime before July 1, 2002.

As predicted by us in our analysis in Issue 12, the playing of pre-recorded messages has been taken out of the bill. But there are still a couple of holes in it, which the legislators will need to come back and address in the future if their actions are to be effective. Let’s hope that they talk to the US DMA and learn from their Predictive Dialing Guidelines.

But that’s not really the point. AB870 marks a watershed in the outbound industry, sending a clear message that the days of bad dialing practices are numbered, and that legislators will act to curb them.

Well, that’s what we think! If you don’t agree, or want to comment on this momentous but overlooked event, let us have your views.


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