Tip 3 – Carl Adkins – Don’t Forget to Listen

Carl AdkinsThis month’s tip has been provided by Carl Adkins, a Director of TP Technologies, part of the international Teleperformance Group. He has been responsible for extensive implementations of call centre systems in the Teleperformance Group and consults and works widely with many of the UK’s leading companies on call centre issues and technologies.

“Certain knowledge, to the extent that it ever comes, is given to us only after the moment of opportunity has passed.”

(Wealth & Poverty – George Gilder)
Carl Adkins – Don’t Forget to ListenThank you, Mr. Gilder, but what does this have to do with my call center or customer?

“To learn about some opportunities, you need to sit back and listen”

“No! He hardly said a word. Anyway, I was too busy reading him my script…”

If you call someone and truly want to make your mark, then don’t forget to listen. You may learn something and even trip over an opportunity you had never dreamt of.

Thank you, Mr. Gilder.

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