Tip 7 – Art Sobzcak – Sending Sales Literature

Art SobzcakIt’s time to hear from Art Sobczak again!.

Art is based in the home of telemarketing, Omaha, and talks real sense about responsible outbound practices.

Here’s an example of a poor opening statement:

“Mr. Prospect, I’m Johnny with XYZ Company. I’d like to mail you a brochure on our company, and then if you don’t mind, maybe get back to you.”

If you feel that you must get information in your prospect’s hands as part of your sales process (which is really not required for most people) here’s a better alternative:

“Mr. Prospect, I’m Johnny with XYZ Company. I’d like to mail you some information that describes how we specialize in helping banks collect a greater percentage of their past due loans. (wait for response, which would almost always be positive.) Great, let me ask a few questions so I can tailor the package to your specific situation.”

In the first scenario, a ‘yes’ answer is not a sign of interest. It’s an easy way to get the rep off the phone. In the second, the literature is used as a non-threatening way to get the prospect to listen. Since they are interested, they’ll answer the questions, and the rep will have a much more productive call, and will be able to send information that is more meaningful.

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