Newsletter Fifteen

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue 15 of Outbound Focus, a free email publication of Sytel Limited.

This is not a full newsletter but an interim note to keep you up to date on some significant outbound issues in the US.

There are two activities getting a lot of attention in the outbound industry there:

  • CPUC – setting an acceptable rate for abandoned calls in California
  • FTC – proposal for a national US ‘Do Not Call’ list, including predictive dialing review

See below for a brief overview of what is happening and expect more from us over the summer as these bodies make their rulings and views known.

Jamie Stewart

CPUC – Setting an Acceptable Rate for Abandoned Calls

On 06 May 02, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a draft decision on an amendment to the Public Utilities Code, which sets an acceptable rate for abandoned calls on predictive campaigns.

After considering arguments from all sides, including those from Sytel, the parent company of Outbound Focus, the CPUC proposed the following rates for calls answered by a human (live calls):

  • 3% effective 01 July 02
  • 1% effective 01 Jan 03

To read the full text of the CPUC’s interim ruling, click here. (PDF format, 123Kb)

A final decision will be reached after the current comment period is over, on or before 01 July 02. We plan to comment on it in our next newsletter, and see what conclusions can be drawn from it for outbound activities outside California.

FTC – Proposal for a National US ‘Do Not Call’ List

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is holding a review in the first week of June to consider whether the US should have a national ‘Do Not Call’ list. As part of the hearings there will be a review of predictive dialing.

Coming hard on the heels of what is happening in California, it is likely that there will be some interesting debate. We don’t want to comment ahead of the hearings, but hope to be able to report on them afterwards.

To view the submissions made by all interested parties, including from our Sytel parent, in advance of the Hearing, click here.


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