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Tip of the Month Archive

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'Predictive Dialing -
a Shockwave from the US'

from Call Centre Management
(March/ April '99)
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'New Guidlines for
Predictive Dialer Use'

(PDF format - needs Acrobat Reader)

These two articles were written by Sytel for call center publications in the spring of '99 reviewing the US Direct Marketing Association's predictive dialing guidelines.
'An Overview of
Do-Not-Call Sytems'

If the outbound industry is to remain stable and healthy in years to come, it has to get to grips with the issue of what to do for those consumers who don't wish to be called. This is a brief report on the state of play so far in some of the major outbound territories.
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'New Codes of Practice to
Pull Outbound Into Line'

from Customer Interface Europe
(July/ Aug '01)
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'Outbound's Steamy Situation'

from Customer Interface
(Aug '01)
(PDF format - needs Acrobat Reader)

Two versions of one article written by Sytel and published around the world during Summer 2001. These articles explain how outbound has got itself into difficulties through irresponsible use of technology and give a preview of what the new codes of practice will bring.
Tip of the Month

We continue our 'Tip of the Month' column, featuring articles written by us as well as leading figures from the world of outbound.

This popular service is incorporated into our email newsletter, sent free to call center professionals worldwide.

As a service to the industry, we continue to provide access to the gems in this archive.

Art Sobzcak
Effective Sales Statements
Predictive Hangups
Carl Adkins
Don't Forget to Listen
Chasing Debt Arrears
Rod Jones
Setting Up for Outbound
Realistic Overdialing
Art Sobzcak
Sending Sales Literature
Answering Machine Detection
Simon Kriss
Telesales: All in the First Few Minutes
The Price of Predictive
Philip Lew
Optimizing Call Center Effectiveness
What's the Magic Number?
Elizabeth Winter
The 'F' word in Telemarketing
Business to Business Calling
Dale Nabors
What Are You Selling?
Getting to Grips with DMA Compliance
Niels Kjellerup
Let the Customer BUY
Choosing a Dialer?
Brian Stennett
An Inbound Perspective

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