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Tip 18
Choosing a Dialer?

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So you are trying to decide which predictive dialing solution to choose.

What are the benefits of each? How about these?
  • 300% performance improvement
  • transfers only live calls to an agent
  • gives you 50 minutes plus talk time in the hour
  • always knows when an agent will be free so that it can make further calls
  • great at managing call blending
  • been doing it since 1985
  • zero abandoned calls!
  • 500 other users can't be wrong
Convincing arguments?


But we quite like the last benefit, since even if the dialing solution isn't that good, you can share your experiences with many other users, and perhaps persuade the vendor to improve his offerings!

The other so-called benefits are either lacking in rigor, or simply misleading. For example, the benefit of "300% performance improvement" is meaningless, and that of "zero abandoned calls" is simply not possible if you are going to do responsible predictive dialing.

If you are choosing a dialer and would like to understand better how to make the right choice, just send us an email with the relevant details. We will be happy to help you at no charge.


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